**Important COVID-19 Update**

The After Harvest Czech Festival Committee, as a subcommittee under the City of Wilson, Kansas, is a full supporter of all health and safety recommendations put forth by the Ellsworth County Health Department, KDHE, and the CDC. Hand sanitizing stations will be made available at stops organized by the After Harvest Czech Festival Committee. Masks are encouraged when socializing, especially when unable to maintain 6 feet distance for longer than 10 minute periods. If you do not own a mask, we will have masks available for purchase during the purchasing hours listed in this brochure. On behalf of the Czech Festival Committee, we urge all to exercise proper safety precautions to decrease the risk of unnecessary transmission of COVID-19 within our community.


The Wilson After Harvest Czech Festival is one of the largest festivals in Ellsworth and Russell County Kansas. Hosted by the small rural community of Wilson, total population under 800, the festival is known to bring in thousands from all across Kansas and neighboring states.  The Czech Festival is organized by a committee under the City of Wilson, which is made up of individuals who have volunteered their time to plan, organize and be responsible for the operations of the Festival.

The mission of the festival is to promote and honor the Czech heritage, encourage community and family by providing programs and activities that are appealing and appropriate for all ages and to attract tourist to our small rural community therefore financially benefiting not only local businesses but surrounding community businesses as well.